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Ready for a life where you feel empowered and confident without relying on alcohol?



Thriving Without


Thriving Without is a convenient and easily digestible audio course you can listen to right from your favorite podcast app that will change how you think and feel about alcohol, helping you achieve a healthier and more controlled relationship with alcohol so you can enjoy a fulfilling and productive life without constant cravings and guilt.

If you're an ambitious woman who is driven to achieve but feels trapped by your relationship with alcohol OR you're a control freak who's got everything managed except her cravings for a drink - this is for you.

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Transform How You Think And Feel About Alcohol in 30 Days

I'm going to be honest with you—if you're feeling stuck in a cycle of drinking, it's because alcohol has become intertwined with your subconscious beliefs and your self-worth.


This audio course is crucial because it tackles these deep-rooted beliefs and provides you with the tools to reshape your life.

What if you could ditch alcohol cravings for good AND rediscover your passion and drive in life in just 30 days?

I get it. I was once killing it in my career, seeming to have everything under control, but I was hiding how much I was drinking because I was embarrassed by how out of hand it had gotten.

I tried so many times to cut back or quit, setting rules about when and where I could drink, and then breaking them.


I felt like a failure because I couldn’t control my drinking, even though I was successful in so many other areas of my life.

Until one day, that all changed.

The day when I realized that it wasn’t about willpower or self-control; it was about changing my mindset and beliefs about alcohol.


I focused on addressing the deep-rooted reasons why I drank, reframing my thoughts and feelings around alcohol, and finding healthier ways to cope.


This is the core system I am now here to pass on to YOU!

It’s a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of changing your relationship with alcohol, from emotional well-being to social interactions.

And it's the KEY to reclaiming control over your life and unlocking your full potential.

Here' what makes Thriving Without so essential for your journey:

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What 's  Included

  • Daily Podcast Episodes: Short, impactful lessons to guide you through your journey, available for you to revisit anytime.

  • Weekly Inspiring Emails: A preview of the week's content to keep you engaged and motivated.

  • Lifelong Access: Download and keep all content with no expiry.

Enroll today for $56

ONLY $28!

when you use code VIP50

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AND I'll be donating $1 from every purchase to my local animal shelter (where I got my fur baby Pepper)

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